The American College of Counselors is a nonprofit, § 501(c)(3) corporation established in 1976 (chartered 1984 in West Virginia) to promote collegial learning and professional development.

Welcome to the official homepage of the American College of Counselors.  We are an interdisciplinary organization of mental-health professionals.  ACC holds Organizational Affiliate membership in the American Association of State Counseling Boards.

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American College of Counselors Global Reachh

Our world is experiencing a fundamental crisis; a crisis in global economy, global ecology and global politics. Hundreds of millions of human beings in our global neighborhood increasingly suffer from war, disease, unemployment, poverty, hunger, lack of education and health care and the destruction of their families.

Hope for lasting peace among people and nations slips away from us as neighbors. There are tensions between the sexes and generations. Children die, kill, and are killed. More and more countries are shaken by corruption in politics and business. We have created a global mental health crisis as a result of our behavior and actions.

We in the helping profession; counselors, psychotherapists, healers of the soul, have a special responsibility for the welfare of all humanity. The commitment to respect life and human preservation has led to a global counseling movement, to bring healing mental health counseling to a global community.

“Although it is an established psychological specialty in the United States, counseling psychology is still a culturally encapsulated discipline confined to its national borders.

Internationalizing the discipline will require colleagues in the United States to examine their attitudes, abandon their sense of self- sufficiency, and engage counseling psychologists worldwide as equal partners.

International counseling psychologists should avoid a wholesale importation of mainstream counseling psychology into their cultures, as indigenous practices and models are vital to the development of a global counseling psychology discipline. International counseling psychologists should play a major role in internationalizing the discipline by documenting their theories  and practices, using their multilingual ability to bridge and foster scholarly communications among professionals from different regions, and promoting exchanges and visits that could lead to long-term cross-cultural collaborations. Only through breaking its isolation can counseling psychology move forward to become a relevant discipline worldwide.” 


From A Journey worth Traveling: 
Globalization of Counseling Psychology 
By S. Alvin Leung, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The members of the ACC offer their services of Training, Education, Consultation and Referral to Individuals, Governments and Institutions around the World.